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BioKap hårfarve Rapid 10 min. 4.0 naturbrun, 135 ml - firstorganicbaby

Biocap hårfarve hurtig 10 min. 4.0 naturlig brun, 135ml

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Innovative hair dyeing with precious ingredients from nature - only 10 minutes of exposure time 100% gray cover permanent hair color with organic argan oil for visibly smooth and shiny hair and the unique tricore pair complex: the trico pair complex: travel proteins with build -up and regenerating effect Silver pasture extract protects the hair from UV rays and decoloration of lipophilic fruit acids, which also maintain the most sensitive scalp during the exposure time of the hair color even for sensitive scalp and vegan nickel and dermatologically tested simple and safe use without color shell and brush contains each pack A practical protective clan and a nourishing protection cream

Permanent hårfarve på kun 10 minutter.

uden ammoniak, resorcin, parabener, paraphenylendiamin, duftstoffer

Hårfarve Rapid 10 min. 4.0 naturbrun